“We aren’t a family, but we are HER family”

Today, I had the pleasure of doing a family photography session. This session, was a bit different from the others I have done in the past. It included a beautiful woman named Kayla, her 5 year-old-daughter, her three month old son, her fiancee, and her ex-boyfriend. Yes, her ex-boyfriend who is the father of her 5 year old daughter.

I wasn’t baffled when she messaged me over the weekend to tell me her situation, and the photo session she was trying to get. It wasn’t your usual family session, but it was important to her, therefore it was important to me to make this work. Let me tell you, it was one of the most fun and lighthearted sessions I have had the pleasure to book! Everyone was friendly and happy to be there, with each other. All three adults helped to keep the two children happy-which can be quite the task on a windy day in Idaho-and everyone was flexible with the different pictures that we were on a mission to capture.

After the session, I talked to Kayla and she said she had been getting weird looks all week with her ex visiting. It was discouraging to her because there are a lot of families that aren’t bond by marriage, but by friendship and love for the children involved. Her ex could make so few trips to visit, and she said that she tries to get pictures of her, her daughter, and her ex each time he was in town because they were her family-even if they weren’t a family together. And that my friends, is why this session was important to me: no family is the same. I want to showcase every family I get to work with to show what makes them special and unique. That is why I love photography. I want to show who you are.




*For privacy reasons, all other names of the family members are intentionally left out of the post.



Everyone loves a photo booth.

Recently, photo booths have been taking off at weddings, parties, and events. It’s become a fun way for guests to take memorable photos, that they find enjoyable and lively, to take home and share with the people they care about. It’s a simple way to get people laughing, and having a good time.

Here, take a look!


The love for photo booths has made me want to join in so when my clients have special days, they can add a little more personality and interaction with guests. Therefore, I will be offering photo booth services for events!

*If I am photographing an event for you, the photo booth is free! (Requires a $25 refundable deposit to cover any damages made by guests, not the weather.) This is for your guests to take the pictures and enjoy.

*Don’t need a photographer, but want the photo booth? You can rent it for $50 plus $7/hour for me to man the booth and deliver the edited photographs for guests to enjoy. Of course they can take their own pictures too!


If that’s something that you are interested in, send me a message from my contact and booking page! Unfortunately, it can’t be book from the link, but fill out the contact form and I will get back to you.